Continuing from my work of portraiture and portraying the human form through lard sculpture, I intend on looking more closely at the application of paint in my work, and how the mark making process involved can be used to portray flesh.


After painting a self portrait, looking at how I apply the use of colour to represent flesh tones to the board, I felt that the painting didn’t really start to give any insight into suggesting flesh or any mark making techniques which utilise paint give these fluid qualities. I personally found the painting’s pose and technique boring, and thus attempted to approach it from a new angle.DSC03555

In order to move away from this style of painting I have attempted to use more vivid swatches of colour, and long, travelling brushstrokes across the board. I believe there is something aesthetically pleasing about these passages of paint which begin to sculpt the face. This painting of Ethan is reminiscent of Frank Auerbach’s portraiture which uses thick masses of paint pushed across the canvas to create the figure, in which I am greatly inspired by to produce these representations of flesh.


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