Portrait of Ethan (2)

In this second portrait of Ethan, I am once again looking to push the human portrait away from this idea of the portrait being a representation of the human form as transcendent beings, and to bring forward the carnal nature imbedded in us as human creatures. I have once again mixed thick lumps of lard into the paint in order to bring forward this fleshy, meaty texture that comes forward in the paint, whilst also manipulating shadow to bring depth into the painting. I am quite interested in the part light has to play in the painting, where not only the globular masses of paint hang over the paint, but it also has a primal quality, as it has implications of prehistoric cave paintings where early humans used shadows on the cave walls to represent animal features.


I have deconstructed the face in this painting as I wish to dehumanise the sitter in the painting, whilst keeping the essence of the person. I decided upon painting these works on scrap board, as it pushes away from the glorifications seen in portraiture, however after seeing it applied here I think it diminishes the quality of the painting as a whole.



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