Frank Auerbach

In order to achieve a fluidity within my passages of paint, I have been inspired by the portraiture of Frank Auerbach. I am intrigued how the thick applications of paint hang over the portrait and become almost sculptural, whilst the creation of shadow through these masses of paint further extenuate the feeling of depth into the painting. The repetition and layering within Auerbach’s work through these swoops of paint give the portrait almost a mask like quality and acts like a shell around the form.


With relation to my own work, I feel that the voluptuous thickening of the paint is something I wish to achieve in my work, as the oily and viscous paint comes forward to give this tactile representation of the sitter. These paintings seem almost primordial, with use of shadow reflecting on the primitive cave paintings of early humans, and how the paint is applied like mud slobbered onto a wall. I wish to use this primitive approach in my own paintings to convey the human form less as a 6158cd34de3561ad03a51d444c17bbaf569a4f1dd6c05f364133d5e11dea3519transcendent species and more as creature.


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