Francis Bacon

As one of the leading artists to portray the human condition, Francis Bacon portrait gives us an insight into the human mind and the fragility of the human form. We see his paintings as almost fragmented and broken, allowing carnal tones which push the painting towards man becoming meat. Through foreboding colours married with contortions in the bodily form with dislocated jaws torn apart we get a real insight to the distorted psychological state of the human condition. The disfigurement of the form in my opinion gives reflection on the human fear of the unknown, as the bodies are contorted, trying to look around itself, whilst Bacon also achieves removing the transcendency of the Pope Innocent X by painting him in such a warped manner.


In my own work I am trying to strip the notion of the human mind being transcendent of all beings, and the way it has been portrayed in portraiture. Once observing Bacon’s work, I am  keen to express this frontality that the human form has with regards to sensory organs being situated at the front of the body, and attempt to portray the form with the fears of anxiety  and of the unknown after seeing how bacon questions the psychological state of being human and brings it into the spotlight.

francis-bacon-screaming-popeThe way Bacon uses line in order to dictate the space of the figure is something I intend to show in my own work. By situating the body within a cubed space, there is a strong relationship between the body and the pictorial plane on which it sits upon, something I intend to reflect upon in my own work.

Bacon 2


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