Framed Painting.

12776869_10201773612658804_1725116542_oContinuing from the female figures I had studied, and how the body sits on the solid background, encompassing the space around the figure. I have decided on a pose, inspired by the confronting poses present in the works of Marlene Dumas, however where Dumas has used these raw poses in order to challenge conventions of the female figures role in Western art, I am using it to convey the natural human instinct in which we still obtain. I have decided to keep in Pencil marks, amongst brushstrokes, to instill the sense of movement across the composition. I am still unsure as to whether to include the shadow, as I feel the weightlessness of the figure gives a sense of falling to the figure. The perspective of the feet compared to the body  is used to push the body backwards, forcing the depth into the picture, with larger brushstrokes coming forward and smaller brushstrokes sitting in the background.

The painting includes a frame, on which I’ve decided to keep amongst the composition to ask questions of the transcendence of the human form, as seeing a figure so brute contrasts the Utopian ideals of Classical art, although I am still skeptical to the effect it has on the work. I wish to continue these concepts when creating a final piece, possibly creating a triptych which confronts the preconceptions of the Human Figure being something of a higher power, and celebrating the natural inhibitions that were once perceived as sinful.


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