George Stubbs

WhistlejacketAlthough a painter of animals – horses in particular – I was particularly motivated by the grandeur scale of George Stubbs painting “Whistlejacket” that is hung in the National Gallery, London. The technique in which Stubbs employs is something not seen often within 18th Century paintings – portraying a figure on a solid, flat background. Only through the technique of shadow under the hoof is the whole solid tone then set as the viewer’s eye as a 3- dimensional plane. The grand scale of the horse itself (lifesize), creates an uncomforting feeling of the horse being amongst the crowd, which goes to reaffirm the idea of planes into the composition. Although my human figures are not lifesize, I have attempted to create feet that are closest within perspective as close to lifesize as possible in order to give a sense of presence as seen in Stubbs’ Whistlejacket, and through the contrast of scale seen in the head vs. feet strengthen the relationship between body and outside.


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