2 Tone Human Figures


Through being inspired by the linear boxes and structures surrounding the human figures within the works of Francis Bacon, I have produced a series of studies using 2 tones of colour to envelop the figure Whereas only one tone remains behind the figure of the tone, the strips of white determines the figure’s space figure a space within the image.13199118_10202072341206831_364023303_o

In theory, the figure would look 3 dimensional by wrapping itself around the form, but due to the depth perception that allows our eyes to function the form is not allowed to come forward in real life as it would through a photograph or screen projection. I also believe that it breaks the continuity of the body form, and doesn’t allow the painting to flow from side to side as a composition.


By using my life drawing sessions with Barry, I have managed to convey the emphasis of space more effectively than the two tone studies, simply  by suggesting the use of space. In my circumstances, by implementing shadow in a certain manner, or exagguerating the body position, such as in “Pink”, I can create the sense of space within these studies without having to break the body’s flow through a painting



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