13148104_10202061131486595_445411042_oWhen creating this pose, I wanted to evoke connotations of an odalisque Rennaissance pose – stripping away the idea of the poweful male, and using the pose to give ideas of the male figure being an object to be looked at, and not to be the observer. The shade of green is once again a paswtel tone, used to compliment the skin tone as the pigment itself can be found within skin.

I ultimately decided against putting this within the exhibition as I feel it doesn’t go as far to explain my concept as much as the other selections. I feel the pose doesn’t give a sense of vulnerability, but through the pose – such as in the arms – in fact evoke power in pushing itself up from the floor instead of looking like a struggle. Also, although I have painted the body in such a sculpted manner, looking almost like a Henry Moore sculpture, I feel the body doesn’t occupy the space as effectively as the others.


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