13161087_10202061132286615_2052999968_oBy dictating the shadow of the figure through its own angle, the flat purple background in which the figure sits upon becomes a room and the body occupies the space, reaffirming the body’s sculpted position on the plane as opposed a floating object.

The pose is leaning, as if to give a hints of the male figure struggling to stand, reflected in the heavy shoulders and firmly gripped hand. I have also implemented the pose in order to give connotations of the figure urinating against the wall. These suggestions are used in order to break down this omnipotence seen with previous male nudes, and to evoke the mundane human impulsions that although natural, are considered sordid and unnatural. The fact that we can see this private moment, of the figure appearing in this manner suggests vulnerability within the painting, as he is unaware of our presence.

With regards to the posture, the pose is composed of two separate images, after taking inspiration from Gustave Caillebotte’s “Man at his Bath”. The bottom half is reflective of Caillebotte’s figure, which takes this muscular entity and uses the broad, weighted shoulders and gripped feet to create a sense of vulnerability to the figure, contrary to previous male nudes. The fact that the figure is not aware of our presence suggests a vulnerability through the fact a personal moment is unable to be contained, as if we are peering through a keyhole.


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