Compositions for Exhibition.

When approaching hanging my work, there has been much deliberation in order to ask questions of how my work is going to be hung, why, and even which ones I am going to even decide on hanging. With 4 walls, all 8ft x 8ft in size, I originally came to the conclusion that there would be ample size to have 5 larger paintings across the walls, but once spaced out I came to the conclusion that there was not enough space between each painting to allow them to be seen on their own. With this issue in place, I had discussed with several tutors and colleagues on which ones to keep in, as many were felt that the Green had more emotion in mark-making and stronger brushstrokes, whilst some felt the Yellow had a more vulnerable ambiguity to the pose. I ultimately decided to go with the yellow as I felt it reflected what I was trying to achieve in my concept in terms of how the body sits within the space of the painting, as well as emphasising the humbling nature of the human form within the slumped posture. The space between my paintings and Gemma’s on the opposite side of the alcove became apparent when hanging, and it became clear that the works didn’t flow, so I introduced one of my smaller, square paintings to marry the two sides of the alcove.

When arranging the works, I have set them in an order which allows graduation of colour from yellow, to a complimentary purple on opposite walls. There is a strong contrast of tone from each painting, with good space to allow the eye to focus on each one. when hanging, I decided to raise the Yellow painting – placed in the corner to emphasise the space of the corner – higher than that of the blue next to it, in order to create the illusion of the two sitting on the same plane and becoming one, and emphasise them existing within space.




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