Sensory deprivation: 4D project outcome


The video is based upon experiments into psychological telepathies undertaken in the 1970s, known as the Ganzfeld Experiments. In these experiments many individual’s experience hallucinations due to the stripping of aural and visual senses. This effect is what inspired me to look at the aspects of sensory deprivation in our collaboration work and in my own work as well




after a quick daytrip I have gathered a few quick watercolours looking at the forms of people in the city, using that stark contrast on the page, along with some preliminary sketches of buildings in the area

Interior architecture studies


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Over the past few days I have looked at approaching architecture with a variety of different aspects. To begin with, I was drawn to the clambering, overlapping buildings that are seen from the 4th floor of the art studio, and the repitition of chimneys and angular roofs fading in the distance on the other side of the studio (1st and 3rd photos). I wanted to illustrate these angular and linear forms through bold, charcoal lines, and start to reach an almost semi abstract view of the skyline.

In other sketches, I have looked more simplistically and focused on the use of perspective, such as the sketch of the arcade, and I personally am drawn to the narrowness of the walkways in there, which I have attempted to portray in the sketch. However, After looking more in detail of the architecture that I see regularly, such as the intricate architecture of the Cardiff National Museum, which has been carefully thought out with regards to history and manipulation, and the interior of Cardiff central station, which I intend to further delve into.





I think in today’s life drawing session I used my materials with a lot more confidence and vigour in my mark making, and felt that I had used my time far more wisely. I hope this will have further effect on my own projects